Russian state news network mistakes a guy in a costume for ‘advanced robotics’

The Russian state news network Rossiya 24 has retracted a report about “one of the most advanced robots in the world” featured at the “Proektoriya” youth forum. The channel’s original story included footage of “Boris the Robot” and narration claiming that some of the students in the audience “might commit themselves to robotics.” In the segment, the narrator also noted that the robot had “already learned how to dance” and he “wasn’t half bad.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says she acted ethically when a reality TV show remodeled her parents’ country home

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova insists that she violated no laws or ethics codes when the NTV reality television show “Dachniy Otvet” built a luxurious veranda at her parents’ country home for an episode earlier this month. Zakharova told The Insider that the Foreign Ministry approved her participation on the TV program, arguing that she appeared on the show “as a daughter,” and not as a state official. She says her family contacted the network, asking to be on the show, after acquiring the real estate outside Moscow.

Russia’s media regulator fines Google half a million rubles for ignoring local search-engine censorship law

As promised, Russia’s federal media censor has fined Google for failing to comply with a law that requires online search engines to purge any hyperlinks to materials that are banned in Russia. Google has also refused to connect to the federal information system where these websites are listed. For violating Russia’s Internet censorship rules, Google has been fined 500,000 rubles ($7,520) — less than the maximum fine of 700,000 rubles (about $10,530).

Here we go again: Navalny is being sued for defamation once more, this time by the official who wanted to beat him up

Viktor Zolotov, the head of Russia’s National Guard, has filed a defamation lawsuit against anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny, seeking a cool 1 million rubles (about $15,000). According to Shota Gorgadze, the lawyer representing Zolotov, the lawsuit relates in part to Navalny’s corruption allegations against the National Guard’s leadership involving property holdings. Zolotov says he will donate the money to an orphanage.

Two federal agencies are now investigating the Russian National Guard for corrupt procurement deals flagged by Alexey Navalny’s research group

Last month, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) launched an investigation into food purchases at inflated prices by the National Guard, sources tell the magazine RBC. The Federal Security Service (FSB) apparently told FAS about the possible violations this May, recommending an audit of the company “Friendship of the Peoples,” the National Guard’s sole supplier of food products.

Russian cybersecurity company says hackers are stealing financial data for future Western sanctions

Multiple hacker groups are currently active in Russia, gathering intelligence about Russian citizens to justify new sanctions by the United States and other countries, Ilya Sachkov, the head of the information security company Group-IB, announced at this year’s “AntiFraud Russia” international forum. “Their assignment is to replenish American sanctions lists, not to steal money from banks. It’s a completely different target of attack,” Sachkov said on December 7, without citing specific examples.

‘Mocking Putin is tantamount to extremism’. Students at a grade school in Vologda are reported to the police after posting memes about teachers and Russia’s president

The “CARtON_83 Studio” Vkontakte community is the creation of sixth graders at the Vologda Multi-Disciplinary Lyceum, a school for gifted children from across Russia, according to the institution’s website. “Carton 83” got its start in March 2018 as a closed group, but the students later opened it up to the public, and membership peaked at about 80 people.