Moscow online voting officials have messed up their data yet again. This time, they couldn’t do a basic math problem.

On September 8, Moscow held an experimental round of online voting as part of its citywide legislative elections. Almost 10,000 voters submitted their ballots online. Artyom Kostyrko, the deputy head of Moscow City Hall’s IT Department, organized the online voting process, and on September 18, he released new data about voter demographics in the new system’s first official run.

A Moscow man went for a run hours before a protest. Police arrested him and broke his leg. We identified the officer who did it.

On July 27, three hours before protesters swept Moscow’s Tverskaya Street to demand fair elections, Constantine Konovalov was going on a run when he was unexpectedly arrested. Police officers knocked the professional designer onto the curb of a sidewalk, and one officer stepped onto his calves in such a way that Konovalov broke his right leg. At Moscow’s Hospital Number 67, the young man was diagnosed with a “closed internal tibial spine fracture.”

Picketers gather outside Putin’s office building in Moscow to support actor arrested at protest and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

In what’s become the only legal option for citizens who wish to protest without enduring the cumbersome, time-consuming process of obtaining a city permit, Muscovites lined up for a “solitary picket” outside the presidential administration building on September 18 to take turns standing in silence, holding banners in support of Pavel Ustinov, the actor who was recently sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for allegedly injuring a National Guardsman at a protest on August 3. 

This election protester might face years in prison for throwing a plastic water bottle toward police officers

Moscow’s Meshchansky Court has begun hearing the case against 26-year-old computer programmer Aidar Gubaidulin. He stands accused of attempted violence against a police officer: During Moscow’s July 27 protest, the programmer threw a plastic water bottle in the direction of a group of officers and National Guard troops who were beating other demonstrators. The bottle missed the officers, but Gubaidullin is nonetheless being held in a pretrial detention center, and he may receive a lengthy prison sentence. Meduza spoke with Aidar Gubaidullin’s brother, Ildar, about the case.