‘It’s disgusting to realize this country is still in the Middle Ages’. Sentenced to five years in prison, Russia’s most ‘dangerous’ Twitter user speaks in court

On October 3 and 4, the Moscow City Court’s judicial chamber considered an appeal filed by Vladislav Sinitsa, the 30-year-old blogger sentenced last month to five years in prison for tweeting about police officers’ children. Sinitsa maintains his innocence, and defense attorneys say his conviction was based “solely on the court’s speculations.” His lawyers say the prosecution’s psycho-linguistic analysis from the Center for Sociocultural Expertise and experts at Russia’s Federal Security Service was low-quality, and they question case testimony from National Guard members who apparently have children but no Twitter accounts. Meduza is publishing a translation of Sinitsa’s courtroom speech, which he gave on Friday before the judicial chamber rejected his appeal.