Leading opposition activist Alexey Navalny requests investigation, saying skin injuries were caused by chemical attack in Moscow jail

Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny has submitted a request to the country’s Investigative Committee saying that he was poisoned while serving a 30-day jail sentence for administrative violations. On July 28, Navalny was transported from his jail cell to a hospital due to what law enforcement officials initially called “an acute allergic reaction.” Doctors who had previously treated Navalny for injuries related to his activism said they struggled to gain access to their former patient but suspected at first glance that he may have been exposed to an unknown chemical substance. The physicians said Navalny was suffering from itching, lesions, and eye discharge but had no known allergies.

Moscow opposition activist is re-arrested as he exits jail

Police officers arrested Oleg Stepanov, the coordinator of Alexey Navalny’s Moscow headquarters, as he exited the city’s No. 2 Detention Center, where he’d just finished serving an eight-day jail sentence. According to MBKh Media, Stepanov now faces new misdemeanor charges for violating Russia’s laws on public assemblies.

Russian Constitutional Court judge wants Gazprom to foot bill for demolished homes in protected zones

Gadis Gadzhiyev, a judge on Russia’s Constitutional Court and a member of the Civil Law Codification Presidential Council, has suggested legislation that would require Gazprom to pay compensation for demolishing cottages located in gas pipelines’ protected zones. Under current laws, compensation payments for the demolition of homes near pipelines falls to local officials, who lack the means to fulfill these obligations.

Former flight attendant with reportedly intimate ties to Russia’s defense minister owns a $23.5-million mansion, say investigative journalists

A former flight attendant with Russia’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (MChS) made billions of rubles on contracts with her employer and the Defense Ministry, according to a new investigative report by The Insider. The website’s sources close to the agency say Elena Shebunova has long and close personal ties to Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s former MChS minister and current defense minister.