Moscow police are looking for the soccer fans who protested ‘Fan ID’ at a recent game

Police in Moscow are searching for the fans who unfurled an “unpermitted banner” at a soccer game between CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Moscow at the VEB Arena stadium. On May 5, CSKA Moscow fans displayed a banner that read: “Six billion rubles to implement Fan ID, or annual pensions for 35,714 people, 4 new maternity wards, 7 new schools, 1 oncological hospital, or 31 new kindergartens.” Several other fans in attendance also held up signs protesting the Fan ID system.

‘Iliazd is one of the greatest figures of the 20th century’. Collector Boris Friedman explains how the livre d’artiste changed 20th-century art — and how the genre brought Picasso together with the futurist Ilia Zdanevich

With support from the Pushkin Museum, Pablo Picasso’s house museum in Málaga, Spain, has opened an exhibit called Iliazd and Picasso. The exhibit, which will remain open until June 23, sheds light on a collaborative project by Picasso and Ilia Zdanevich, a leading thinker of the Russian avant-garde. In 1972, the two artists created a series of livres d’artiste, or handmade books with original prints. The French art dealer Ambroise Vollard invented the livre d’artiste style when he commissioned a book with lithographs created directly by rising artists, and the books ultimately became a signature 20th-century genre. The curator of the Málaga exhibit is the entrepreneur and collector Boris Friedman. We asked journalist and television host Vladimir Rayevsky to travel to Málaga, where he spoke with Friedman about 20th-century art — and about how the founder of the first IT company in the USSR found a second life as a collector.

State Duma deputy apologizes and calls press conference after shooting blanks into the air in a residential neighborhood

Dmitry Ionin, a State Duma deputy from the Fair Russia party, fired several times into the air from a machine gun in the courtyard of a residential building in Kamyshlov, a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast. A video of the incident taken from the window of one of the surrounding buildings appeared on the Internet on May 4. At first, Ionin said “an acquaintance fired a toy gun” in his presence, but he later admitted to shooting the disarmed weapon himself.

In wake of 77-year-old human rights icon’s December jail sentence, his third nonprofit faces fines for failure to register as ‘foreign agent’

Moscow’s Meshchansky Court has assigned a fine of 300,000 rubles (almost $4,600) to “In Defense of Prisoners’ Rights,” a nonprofit run by the human rights activist Lev Ponomarev. The court accused the foundation of failing to enter its identifying information in the Russian government’s registry of so-called foreign agents.

‘Everyone’s trying to believe that their friends and relatives are still alive’. How passengers’ relatives coped in the hours following Sunday’s catastrophic airplane fire in Moscow

On the evening of May 5, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplane bound for Murmansk from Moscow turned back and made an emergency landing: the plane, owned by the Russian airline Aeroflot, had lost its radio connection. A fire soon broke out on board, though its cause has yet to be determined: some have suggested that a lightning strike sparked the fire while the plane was still in the air, while others suspect that the fire was triggered by landing gear components that flew into the engine during an unsuccessful landing. 78 people were on board the flight. Russia’s Health Ministry announced that 38 survived; the country’s Investigative Committee put that number at 37. Meduza special correspondent Kristina Safonova spent the night in Sheremetyevo with the passengers’ relatives. Some of them waited several hours for news about their loved ones but ultimately received the information they needed only from the media.

‘Aviation is my life’. How pilots whose licenses were cancelled by the Russian government are fighting to pursue their passion

In 2017, hundreds of Russian civilian pilots lost their licenses. That year, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, better known as Rosaviatsiya, closed down the country’s private aviation schools and annulled their graduates’ certificates, leaving them unable to pursue employment in their field. Many of the pilots affected had spent months of their lives and millions of rubles to get their licenses. In 2018, the pilots challenged Rosaviatsiya’s decision in court, but they lost their case. Meduza spoke with pilots who found themselves grounded two years ago about how they get by now. Some found jobs as taxi drivers or construction workers, and others found a way to return to their chosen profession.

‘Anton was and Anton is’. The life of the autistic man at the center of the documentary film ‘Anton’s Right Here’

The documentary film “Anton’s Right Here,” about a young man with autism, premiered in a special screening at the Venice International Film Festival in 2012. A year later, the motion picture’s director, Seance magazine editor-in-chief Lyubov Arkus, founded a center in St. Petersburg, also called “Anton’s Right Here,” to provide assistance to people with autism. Arkus says she created the organization “because of Anton and for Anton.” In the four years she spent filming the movie, Arkus became very close to both Anton and his mother. To find out about Anton’s life today, Meduza special correspondent Sasha Sulim visited St. Petersburg and spent several days with him.