The Real Russia. Today. New spy allegations against Russia, thousands protest in Ingushetia against a border deal with Chechnya, and a law professor reexamines the 1993 constitutional crisis

Behold the seven Russian hackers outed by Western officials on Thursday: Alexey Morenets, Evgeny Serebryakov, Ivan Ermakov, Artem Malyshev, Dmitry Badin, Oleg Sotnikov, and Alexey Minin. These men allegedly work for Russia’s Military Intelligence Directorate and either hacked or tried to hack various antidoping agencies, the International Association of Athletics Federations, FIFA, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a Pennsylvania-based nuclear energy company, as well as a whole lot more in a whole series of hacker attacks. The agents then leaked intentionally misleading fragments of some athletes’ personal data under the guise of the “Fancy Bear” hacktivist group, hoping to boost international sympathy for Russia in a doping scandal that has cost the country several medals and got it banned from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.